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Plastic Surgery Packages in Turkey

Turkey has grown as a popular location for people seeking plastic surgery operations, particularly those going from other countries. The country provides a secure and dependable choice for acquiring high-quality plastic surgery outcomes at reasonable costs. Many people who have had treatments in Turkey strongly suggest the nation because of the outstanding results and top-notch …

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Mummy Makeover Turkey: Benefits, Prices, Details

A mummy makeover is a transformative cosmetic surgery that can help women reclaim their bodies and feel confident in their skin after pregnancy and breastfeeding. It involves a combination of procedures that target common concerns such as excess skin, sagging breasts, and stubborn fat. Although pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful experiences that bring joy and …

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All About Breast Augmentation

In Which Situations Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed? Breast augmentation surgery is most often performed to increase breast size in women who are not satisfied with their breast size. Apart from this, breast augmentation surgery can be performed for different reasons. Breast augmentation surgery can be performed to support the recovery of sagging and loosing …

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Breast Augmentation surgery only with silicone? A very large part of breast augmentation surgeries are performed with silicone (prosthesis). An increase in breast volume can be achieved with sufficient fat tissue that can be taken from the body and fat taken from the patient’s own body. 2. Will the breast silicone burst? With …

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