Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

The loss of elasticity of the skin, the reduction of subcutaneous tissues and the effect of gravity cause sagging, especially from the back and inner face of the arm, towards the elbow. The rate of skin sagging and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue are effective in the process of deciding on the technique of the surgery to be performed. Liposuction is applied to skin loosening due to weight gain and loss. After liposuction, the thick skin is surgically removed.
The point to be considered here is to stop using blood thinners such as aspirin at least 3 days before the surgery.

What is Arm Lift Aesthetics (Brachioplasty)?

Arm lift aesthetics, whose Latin name is “brachioplasty”, is an application used in arm sagging due to many factors. Arm lift aesthetics can be achieved with liposuction in cases where there is no sagging and the elasticity of the skin tissue is not completely impaired. However, if there is a sagging appearance on the arms, arm lift surgery can be applied.

How is arm lift surgery performed?

In cases where the abundance of skin is limited to the armpit, the abundance of skin can be recovered, leaving a limited scar that can be hidden. Arm stretching surgery is applied for the slack that continues towards the elbow.
Arm lift surgery is performed in the hospital using general or local anesthesia. The operation takes 1.5-2 hours on average. Patients who have been operated under local anesthesia can be discharged on the same day. However, in surgeries performed under general anesthesia, the patient remains under observation for one day. The sagging on the arm is two-dimensional, transverse and longitudinal. For this reason, the arm is cut horizontally and longitudinally and the sagging skin is removed. It is easy to hide traces in transverse skin excess, but it is possible to show traces in longitudinal skin excess.
Due to weight gain and loss, sagging occurs not only in the arms but also in the breasts. These sagging can be removed with combined surgeries. In this way, a more aesthetic appearance can be obtained.

Why is Arm Lift Aesthetics Performed?

Loose and sagging arm skin due to certain reasons can disturb people psychologically as well as aesthetically. Especially in short-sleeved clothes, open arms look bad and this can negatively affect people’s social life. Patients may want to have arm lift aesthetics to prevent this bad image and feel better.

Why Does Arm Skin Sagging?

The arm skin is prone to sagging due to its structure. With advancing age, the collagen structure in the skin decreases and the skin loses its elasticity. Therefore, sagging of the arm skin may occur. In addition, upper arm sagging, which is mostly seen in women, can occur due to weight gain and loss. Even if weight is lost as the body gets fat, the elongated collagen tissues may not be restored. Since people lose excess weight after stomach reduction surgeries and childbirth, sagging in the arms can be seen more. In case of genetically low body elasticity, sagging may occur in the arm.

Who Can Have Arm Lift Surgery?

In non-surgical arm lift or surgical applications, the applications to be made are determined based on the physical characteristics and weight of the person. People who have sagging in the inner and back of the arm, who have lost their elasticity and who have skin deformities can have these surgeries.
Arm lift operations, known as brachioplasty, can be performed locally or in combination with other aesthetic applications. It is a technique that gives tremendous results when done together with liposuction. When both are applied together; both the excess fat tissues are removed and the thickness is given shape, and the excessively worn skin is removed and an aesthetic form is gained.

Things to Consider Before Arm Lift Surgery

Before arm lift surgery, some tests and tests are requested from the patients. If there is no problem that will prevent surgery and anesthesia, the day of arm sagging surgery is determined. Before the surgery, the patient is told to stop taking anticoagulants and not to eat or drink anything for at least 8 hours before the surgery.

After Arm Lift Surgery

Edema after arm lift surgery may occur depending on the application area and type of application. Again, depending on the area to be applied, it is performed under sedation and general anesthesia. Liposuction can also be applied to provide an aesthetic form on the entire arm.
The incisions are joined with sutures. Post-operative dressing is done and it is possible to return to daily activities a few days after the application. It takes an average of ten days for the stitches to heal. Although it varies from surgery to surgery, a corset is used for about 1 month. The corset prevents the formation of excessive swelling and is an effective aid for better healing of the tissues and gaining a tight form. Incision scars begin to heal after 1 month and completely disappear after 1 year.

Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

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