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Neck Lift

Neck Lift Surgery aims to achieve a structurally tighter neck. Since the face and neck are perceived as a whole, the care and aesthetics for the face should be applied to the neck in the same way. Because the face and neck are complementary and inseparable parts of each other. Facial wrinkles, which are seen in people with the advancement of age, are also experienced at visible levels in the neck area. Face and neck problems can also be seen at younger ages. The reason for this is hereditary factors and sagging due to rapid weight gain and loss. Neck lift surgery is preferred due to reasons such as looseness in the neck region, falls in the muscle structure due to gravity, jowl and excess fat tissue, especially in women. Developing technology and new generation devices are the biggest helpers of people in this regard. Prices vary depending on the patient’s physical appearance and problems.
How is the operation performed?
The incision made behind the ear, which is also applied in face lift surgery, is extended towards the scalp. The neck is stretched upwards in a predetermined manner. Excess skin is removed and suturing is performed successfully. After the surgery, the wrinkles on the stretched neck are removed, and the jaw angle is clarified, allowing the person to have a younger appearance. The fact that the incision made in the surgery starts behind the ear ensures that there is no visible scar. In some cases, the jowl area may also need to be recovered. If there is relaxation in the existing muscles in the neck or if there is lubrication in the lower part of the chin, it is possible to perform additional applications for the jowl area. In this case, the patient’s condition and expectations are taken into account.
Who Is Neck Lift Surgery Suitable For?
Women and men, who are planned to be performed in the neck area, which is perceived as a whole with aesthetic facial features, can apply. It is preferred by those who experience wrinkles, muscle laxity and sagging in the neck area, those who want to have a neck type called turkey neck, those with sagging salivary glands and those with a jowl.
What are the Points to Be Considered Before the Operation?
As in all surgical operations, there are some factors that people should pay attention to in neck lift surgery. In order to prevent any problems during and after the operation, the factors that people should pay attention to can be listed as follows; • To have stopped taking aspirin-derived drugs at least two weeks before • Notify the doctor if any medication is used • Notifying the doctor if there is an operation • Quitting smoking at least two months before surgery Since people cannot dye their hair for the first month after the operation, if they have such a request, they should have dyed it one week before the operation. Having long hair will provide an advantage in hiding the dressing applied to the neck area. Whether or not any application will be made to other parts of the face during neck lift surgery is determined according to the patient’s condition and expectations. If other applications are to be performed on the face, the operation takes about five hours. If performed alone, neck lift surgery is completed in a very short time.
After Neck Lift Surgery
Every surgery has its own difficulties. It should be planned in the best way before as well as after the surgery. Thus, the healing process will be more successful. After the operation, a bandage is applied to the areas where the procedure is performed. The bandage remains on the patient for up to a week. After the operation, there may be swelling, bruising and slight pain in the neck area of the patient. But these will pass as you rest. The bruises seen show improvement depending on the skin type of the patient. People get the form they want completely in a period of about 6 months.
Is neck lift a permanent operation?
Yes, surgery offers permanent results. However, it should be noted that surgery will not stop aging.
How long after surgery can I do sports?
It is possible for people to do sports 6 weeks after the surgery.
Will there be a clear and visible scar on the neck?
No, there is no visible scar after the operation.
Will swelling and edema occur after the operation?
Mild swelling and edema formation can be seen. Since these conditions will pass by themselves, people do not need to apply for an additional treatment.
Is there tension and numbness in the neck?
Neck tension and numbness are likely to occur. However, since this situation will not be permanent, people do not need to worry.
Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey
Turkey is one of the leading countries in the health sector. There are reliable and expert medical centers, especially in aesthetic surgery operations. The best aspects of the Turkish health sector are the easily accessible medical treatments and reliable system, without waiting for an appointment for months. In addition to the developed health sector, Turkey is one of the rare countries where you can have a cultural and enjoyable travel experience. In Turkey, you can achieve the look of your dreams and at the same time have a pleasant time with your family. Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey, expert surgeons and our fully equipped medical center Magic Touch Turkey is the address you are looking for both to have a holiday with your family and achieve the body shape of your dreams.

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