Breast Enlargement

Most of the time, our appearance is the most important factor for our self-confidence and well-being in daily life. For women, appearance has an effect on most points in life. Breasts that are not aesthetically pleasing, unequal, small, or just have an appearance that people are not satisfied with cause self-confidence problems. Aesthetic operations are one of the starting points for getting rid of this stress factor and for people to regain their mental health and self-confidence. Breast augmentation operations are among the most preferred aesthetic operations nowadays. You can have a breast augmentation operation to achieve the look you dream of, dress as you wish, and gain your self-confidence. In the initial consultation, you can choose a breast implant size and shape with your doctor in accordance with your body type and the results you dream of, and increase your breast size with the help of professional and experienced surgeons.

What is Breast Enlargement?

Breast augmentation operations, commonly known as “Boob Job”, are aesthetic surgical procedures performed to achieve the desired larger and firmer breast appearance. Various breast implants are used in boob enlargement to increase the appearance of the breasts. Breast implants are positioned under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Boob augmentation can be performed for various reasons. A person may want to have a breast enlargement operation for aesthetic and medical reasons, reasons such as one breast looking different from the other, having small boobs, reduction of breast tissue after weight loss and breastfeeding, saggy breasts, removal of breast tissue after breast cancer surgery may cause women to have self-confidence problems in daily life. It is one of the most frequently performed operations.

How is Breast Augmentation done?

Before the breast augmentation operation, a plastic surgeon examination is performed about the breast appearance you desire and your general breast condition. The plastic surgeon will examine the breast and choose the type and shape of the breast implant according to the breast structure. The most commonly used breast implant today is the silicone gel-filled prosthesis. These soft, elastic silicone gel implants do not need to be cut when placed.
4-5 cm incisions are made under the breast, after opening the incision, the surgeon separates the breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissue and creates a pocket behind or in front of the pectoral muscle of the chest wall, and places the silicone inside the pocket. Silicones are not placed into the breast tissue. It can be placed under the breast tissue or the chest muscles. If saline implants are used, the saline implant is placed first and then filled with sterile saline. After the breast implant is placed, the incision is closed with sutures and skin glue and surgical tape are used to reduce scarring.

Who is Breast Augmentation surgery suitable for?

Good candidates for boob augmentation are generally expected to have good mental and general physical health. In the pre-operative consultation with the surgeon, several situations are considered. The patient should not be pregnant or breastfeeding, and should not be fighting an active infection. she should not have breast cancer or her mammogram should be normal for the operation. After the examination with the surgeon, the patient should not expect unrealistic post-surgery results One of the most important points is that the patient should tell the surgeon about all health details during the consultation and should be honest. In this way, complications that may occur during and after the operation can be minimized.

Does Breast Augmentation surgery damage the breast tissue?

Breast implants used for breast augmentation are placed under the breast tissue or the chest muscles. Due to the location of the boob implants, it is not expected to damage the breast tissue. Breast enlargement operation is one of the most frequently performed operations but it must be performed by specialist surgeons.

What to do before breast augmentation surgery?

Before the breast augmentation operation, you should talk to your surgeon about the breast appearance preferences post-operation. If smoking is used before the operation, it is recommended to quit. Smoking will delay tissue and wound regeneration. During the consultation, all health information and medicines used should be shared with the surgeon and be completely honest. Before the breast enlargement operation, the operation and post-operative appearance should be carefully planned by the surgeon. The boob volume and the shape of the implant to be used are decided together by the surgeon by the patient’s wishes.

What is the recovery process after breast augmentation surgery?

After the breast enlargement operation is performed, your surgeon will inform you on all matters. After the operation, there is not much pain when the effect of anesthesia wears off. The results of the breast augmentation operation can be seen. Sometimes a drain is placed to prevent leaks that may occur in the area where the boob implant is placed. Drains are removed after a few days. After breast surgery, pain, swelling and bruising may occur in the breast area a few weeks after the operation. After the operation, the recommendations given by the surgeon should be followed. During recovery, it is recommended to wear a tightening bandage or sports bra to ensure the placement and positioning of the breast implant. Painkillers and antibiotics will be prescribed by the surgeon to prevent possible pain and infections. It is recommended not to do physical activities that require effort during the recovery period. Pulse and blood pressure should be controlled for at least two weeks, and activities that may increase it should be avoided. The operation area should be protected from physical contact and shaking.
Types of implants used in Breast Augmentation:
Breast implants are implants suitable for medical use, which are used to change the size and shape of the breast in breast augmentation operations. There are various types of breast implants and the choice of implant is determined together by the surgeon according to the patient’s needs and satisfaction.
There are two groups of breast implants according to their shapes. These are called round and anatomical, that is, drop-shaped breast prostheses. Round ones are hemispherical. It gives a fuller look to the breast. The drop-shaped implant, which is more anatomical, has a thin upper part and a thickening lower part. A fuller appearance is achieved in the lower region, and this is the breast implant type closest to the anatomical boob appearance. The prosthesis, which is the closest to the natural appearance, provides the drop-shaped prosthesis and is often used. It is preferred when breast lift operation is not required. In breast augmentation operations, round implants are preferred because the desired appearance is a large boob image. Drop-shaped implants are preferred for a more natural boob enlargement appearance.
Breast implants are divided into two types due to the substances they contain. Silicone or saline can be used in the breast implant. Boob ımplants with saline content are divided into two groups liquid silicone and cohesive gel. Their outer sheaths are covered with silicone, and there is gel-like silicone or saline inside. Saline implants can be placed in the armpit area or around the belly button with a tiny incision. If breast implants containing saline are damaged as a result of impact or trauma, they may leak saline. Since saline is a fluid compatible with the body, the leakage will not harm the breast or breast tissue, but the implant may need to be replaced. Implants containing gel are not likely to rupture. Even if the implant is cut due to gel content inside the implant, it does not leak and does not need to be changed.
The outer sheaths of all breast implants are made of silicone. This silicone surface is divided into two groups textured or smooth. The probability of capsule formation around textured surface implants is less and it is the more preferred implant surface type due to its capsular contracture preventative effect.

When are the final results seen after breast augmentation surgery?

The full recovery time after breast surgery varies from person to person. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for the breast implants to fully settle and heal. If you have chosen a breast implant that is placed under the pectoral muscle, it may take some time for the breast implants to set. It may take up to two months for the breast augmentation operation to gain its final appearance and return to a completely normal life.

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