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All About Breast Augmentation

In Which Situations Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is most often performed to increase breast size in women who are not satisfied with their breast size. Apart from this, breast augmentation surgery can be performed for different reasons.
Breast augmentation surgery can be performed to support the recovery of sagging and loosing breasts after breastfeeding or serious weight loss.
Breast augmentation surgery can be performed to provide breast volume to women whose breast structure has not developed due to chest wall anomaly.
In addition to these situations, breast augmentation surgeries with prosthesis can be performed to create breasts during the sex change process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation Surgery

How is Breast Size Decided?

Breast size is a situation that needs to be decided jointly by exchanging ideas between the patient and the doctor.
There are issues that should be considered at the first stage when deciding on breast size.
Chest wall features
Breast base dimensions
Location of the breast on the chest wall
Thickness of breast tissue
Factors that may limit the choices, such as asymmetry between the breasts, are revealed by making measurements.
There are hundreds of different sizes of prostheses. The motivation of the patient in the surgery request is the most important factor in the decision mechanism and the shape and size of the prosthesis to be selected.
How much change the patient wants and how noticeable the change will be should be discussed in detail. While some patients want a change that only their partners can notice, some patients may want a noticeable change in their social life. The important point here is to determine realistic and aesthetically appropriate limits and to provide the change desired by the patient within these limits.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery simply consists of 4 stages.
The first step of breast augmentation surgery is to choose the incision where the breast prosthesis will be placed.
Using the determined incision, a surgical pocket is created where the breast prosthesis will be placed.
The prosthesis that will be most suitable for the prepared pocket should be chosen with the prosthesis-like false prostheses (size, measurer).
In the final stage of breast augmentation surgery, the breast prosthesis is placed in the surgically prepared pocket.
Before the surgery, prostheses are determined in a certain range instead of a single size, and the copy of those prostheses is placed in the pocket where false prostheses are created, and the most aesthetically pleasing one is selected. As a final step, the real prosthesis of the same size is placed.

How Many Hours Does  Surgery Take?

A routine breast augmentation surgery takes approximately 1.5-2 hours.

Is Breast Augmentation Performed With Fat Injection? Which methods are applied?

Fat injection is not preferred in breast augmentation for aesthetic purposes. There are several main reasons why fat injection is not preferred for breast enlargement.
Young women are in the majority in the patient group who want breast augmentation. Fat injection into their breasts can lead to radiological and clinical findings that can be confused with breast cancer. At the same time, since oil injection also contains stem cells, it can trigger an undetected cancer focus in a tissue such as breast where cancer often appears.
For fat injections, which are required to be made in large volumes aesthetically, the recipient areas should also be sufficient. What is meant by this is that it may not be possible to obtain enough fat from a woman of normal weight to significantly enlarge both breasts.
Finally, since the fat injection will lose 40-50% of its volume, it will give a more uncontrolled result than the prosthesis.
Fat injection into the breast is mostly used to strengthen breast repairs performed in patients who lost their breasts after breast cancer.

What are the Types of Silicone Breast Prosthesis?

There are many types of prostheses in different brands. The most commonly used prostheses are;
Shapes (Round and drop-anatomical)
It is separated according to the surface properties.
After this distinction is made, the prosthesis is separated according to the size of the base of the prosthesis corresponding to the chest wall and the height it provides.

Are Silicones Used in Breast Augmentation Surgery Safe?

Breast prostheses, in other words, each of the silicones are put into use after passing dozens of tests on durability and effect on the body. Breast prostheses (silicone) do not have any harm to the body. ACL, which is a very rare disease related to the capsule formed by the prosthesis, has been making a name for itself in recent years. However, this discomfort caused by silicones used in breast augmentation surgeries is seen less than 1 in 1 million, that is very, very rare.

What is the Lifespan of Silicone Prostheses?

Silicones used in breast augmentation surgeries are designed and produced to be used for a lifetime. However, after 10 years, it is recommended that the prosthesis be examined annually for leaks arising from the silicone outer surface.

Can Silicone Prosthesis Cause Allergies?

Foreign bodies placed in the body are produced from materials such as gold, titanium, silicon, which the body is not expected to give an allergic reaction to. The usual situation is the process called foreign body reaction. Every substance placed on the body is covered with a kind of cover produced by the body. This is called a capsule in the prosthesis.

Will there be any scars in breast augmentation surgery?

Any surgery involving any incision leaves a scar. The aim of breast augmentation surgery is to place the surgical scar in places where it will not be visible, attract attention or be hidden with a successful operation.
In order to place the prosthesis to be used in breast augmentation surgery, a path can be created by making incisions in the sub-breast area from various places. How will this cut be;
The patient’s breast structure
Surgeon’s preferences
It is shaped according to the patient’s request.
Generally, a 4-5 cm incision in the inframammary fold is sufficient for the prosthesis to be placed, and the prosthesis can be placed by entering the nipple, armpit and even through the navel.

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