Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Breast Augmentation surgery only with silicone?

A very large part of breast augmentation surgeries are performed with silicone (prosthesis). An increase in breast volume can be achieved with sufficient fat tissue that can be taken from the body and fat taken from the patient’s own body.

2. Will the breast silicone burst?

With the studies, the prostheses were exposed to high and low pressures that a human could not survive, and no problems were observed.

3. Can Breast Augmentation surgery be scarless?

Every incision made on the body leaves a scar. The important thing is to leave a small and good scar that can be hidden. In appropriate cases and if desired, breast augmentation surgery can be performed with an incision under the armpit.

4. Is there a breastfeeding problem in Breast Enlargement?

Since the pocket where the prosthesis is placed is under the breast tissue or the anterior chest wall muscle, it does not have a positive or negative effect on breastfeeding.

5. Is it necessary to change the prosthesis in the future in Breast Augmentation?

If the result is good and no complications or undesirable conditions have developed, there is no need for a repeat operation.

6. For what purpose is Breast Reduction done?

Breast reduction surgeries are performed for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Especially the pain that occurs in the neck and back due to the effect of weight, the serious pressures caused by the bra straps, the irritation and rashes that occur under the breast in the summer months are serious problems for patients and can be eliminated with breast reduction surgeries.

7. Who can have breast reduction surgeries? Is it possible for everyone?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on anyone over the age of 18 who has no contraindications for anesthesia. In general, it is sufficient for the patient to be in good physical health. However, for patients who will expect pregnancy in the near future, it is appropriate to do it after pregnancy and breastfeeding are over.

8. Can Breast Reduction Surgery cause breast cancer?

Surgery is not and cannot be the cause of breast cancer per se. We may even have the opportunity to make an early diagnosis by sending the part removed during breast reduction for pathological examination in patients with a family history of breast cancer or a suspicious mass in the breast. Early diagnosis saves the life of the patient, especially in cancer cases.

9. What is Breast Lift Surgery?

In breast lift surgery, the sagging breast tissue is reshaped, excess skin is removed and the nipple is brought to the place it should be. If the breasts are large, the excess breast tissue is removed, if they are small, they are supported with silicone prostheses. Breast lift operations are performed together with reduction for those with large and sagging breasts, and with enlargement for patients who have hollowed out and sagging after birth or weight loss.

10. Who is breast lift surgery applied to?

As with all aesthetic procedures, breast lift operations are not applied to patients under the age of 18 unless there is a special situation. According to the degree of sagging in breast lift operations, only around the nipple (periareolar mastopexy), a vertical scar around the nipple and downwards (vertical mastopexy), a vertical scar around the nipple, descending from here, and a horizontal scar located under the breast (reverse T method) remains. These traces become vague over time. If the nipple is not very sagging and the breast is emptied after birth, sagging can be corrected by placing only a breast prosthesis.

11. What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The first noticeable organ on the human face is the nose. The appearance of the nose is very important in the patient’s life in terms of body image and perception of the person. Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed from the age of 18 on, besides making the nose look aesthetically pleasing, it also provides the opportunity to correct breathing difficulties in the same session. With this surgery, the nose can be reduced and narrowed, the tip of the nose can be shaped, and the nostrils can be narrowed. Rhinoplasty operations are operations performed under general anesthesia and take approximately 1.5-2 hours depending on the general condition of the patient. Our patients can leave the hospital on the day of surgery or the next day depending on the general condition.

12. What is the duration of Rhinoplasty Surgery and which type of anesthesia is applied?

The duration of rhinoplasty operations is usually between 1.5 and 2 hours. However, in secondary or more complicated cases, this period may be longer. In limited cases, these surgeries can be performed with sedation.

13. What is Liposuction?

Removing the fat tissue in the body with the help of vacuum is called “liposuction”. Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. Liposuction is a procedure to remove limited fat deposits in areas that cannot be thinned by diet and sports. The success of the procedure depends on the skin elasticity.

14. How is Liposuction done?

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in operating room conditions. The duration of the operation varies according to the area to be liposuction and the amount to be taken. At the end of the surgery, the patient is dressed in a corset to cover the entire area where liposuction was performed. This corset should be used for about a month. The patient is usually discharged after six hours.

15. What is the Liposuction recovery process like?

There are small dressings at the cannula entry points. For the first 24 hours, a bloody fluid leaks from these holes. The patient can take a bath after two days. Three days later, he comes for a check-up, and then he can return to work and start his normal daily activities, drive a car. In the first month, he should not do sports other than walking.

16. What is a Full Abdominoplasty?

A tight stomach and a thin waist are very important for women. However, it is one of the most rapidly deteriorating regions after birth and with weight gain and loss. Childbirth loosens and cracks the abdominal skin, causing abdominal muscles and abdominal distension. There is especially fat around the belly and waist. Abdominoplasty can be applied to solve such problems in the abdominal region.

17. What is a Partial Abdominoplasty?

Partial tummy tuck is a good option for patients with fat in the abdomen, whose skin is too loose for liposuction to be performed alone, but too tense to require a full tummy tuck. Partial tummy tuck is a method that is often preferred in patients who are not overweight, as it causes shorter scars and faster post-operative recovery.

18. Is it possible to give birth after Abdominoplasty?

It is possible to get pregnant and give birth, provided that you wait at least 1 year.

19. What is Momy Makeover?

Discharge and sagging of the breasts may occur after birth, breastfeeding and excessive weight changes. Loosening and cracks may occur in the abdominal region. There may be fat in the waist area. After each aesthetic operation on the body, other problematic areas come to the fore. For this reason, the operation for these three regions with a single operation yields more successful results. The aesthetic applied to these areas in the same session is known as Torsoplasty. Torso in sculpture means the body covering the breast, abdomen and waist area.

20. Who is Momy Makeover for?

Momy Makeover can be applied to all mothers who have completed the pregnancy and breastfeeding period and therefore have deformations in the breast, abdomen and waist region, and whose health conditions allow. Women who had a fit body before giving birth and who want to return to their old body after birth are suitable candidates for this surgery.

21. What should be done before Momy Makeover Surgery?

As in all aesthetic surgery operations, if the person is using before this surgery, he or she should quit smoking 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the surgery. Aspirin etc. If there is any drug use with blood thinning effect, it should be discontinued at least 10 days in advance. If there is a different situation other than these, the patient should inform his doctor.

22.What is the Momy Makeover technique?

It is planned according to the individual and the problem. Breasts can be reduced, lifted or augmented. Depending on the sagging of the abdominal skin, mini or full tummy tuck can be applied. Shaping can be done with laser lipolysis and liposuction on areas with regional lubrication. Desired areas can be thinned or filled. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in operating room conditions. The surgery takes between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the procedures to be performed.

23.What is the recovery process like after Momy Makeover Surgery?

After the surgery, patients are followed up in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. Patients who start walking early after the operation use special bras and corsets for 1 month. You can take a bath after 2 days. After discharge, patients are followed up on an outpatient basis. Heavy sports should be avoided for the first 6 weeks.

24. Is anesthesia applied in Face Lift Surgery?

Facelift operations can be performed under local anesthesia, assisted local anesthesia and general anesthesia. One of these anesthesia methods can be applied according to some factors such as the patient’s general health status, personality structure, pain threshold. The most comfortable is general anesthesia. With this anesthesia, the patient is calmed and put to sleep before the operation, and when he wakes up, the operation is finished. Today’s anesthesia methods are very reliable and provide a quality awakening.

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