Why Do People Go To Turkey for Plastic Surgery?

In recent years, plastic surgery has gained popularity among people, leading them to explore different countries to find cost-effective and top-notch cosmetic procedures. Turkey has gained a significant reputation as a popular destination for plastic surgery due to its ability to offer a wide range of procedures at reasonable prices. Turkey has become a significant center for medical tourism with people opting for procedures like breast augmentation, facelifts, tummy tuck, liposuction, brazilian butt lift and hair transplants to improve their appearance.

Why is Turkey Popular?

Plastic surgery Turkey has established itself as a leading destination, and its popularity is undeniable. According to Statista, Turkey ranked fifth globally in terms of the number of cosmetic procedures performed in 2020. People from all over the world choose to have procedures such as nose or breast surgery in Turkey, and the reasons for this are varied.

A key factor in the popularity of plastic surgery in Turkey is the presence of well-trained and highly skilled surgeons who are considered world-class. These professionals are renowned for their professionalism and expertise, and their services are available at a significantly lower cost than in other countries. This affordability factor is undoubtedly a significant draw for patients.

Another reason why Turkey is an attractive destination for plastic surgery is the opportunity to travel and explore a different part of the world. Combining surgery with a holiday is an appealing prospect, and Turkey offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. Patients can enjoy a rejuvenating experience while exploring the country’s vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and ancient ruins.

Why is Aesthetic Cheaper in Turkey?

While affordability is undoubtedly a primary reason why Turkey has become a hub for plastic surgery, many people wonder how the costs of these procedures can be so much lower than in other countries. The main factors that contribute to the cost-effectiveness of plastic surgery in Turkey are lower overheads, staff wages, and equipment costs.

One of the significant reasons why plastic surgery costs are lower in Turkey is due to lower overheads such as rent. The cost of real estate is considerably lower in Turkey, which directly impacts the overhead costs for clinics and hospitals offering plastic surgery services. This allows clinics to offer more competitive prices while still maintaining high-quality standards of care.

Another factor that contributes to the lower cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is staff wages. The cost of living in Turkey is lower than in countries such as European countries, meaning that staff wages are also considerably lower. However, it is important to note that despite lower wages, plastic surgeons in Turkey are highly trained, experienced, and offer world-class procedures.

Lastly, equipment costs are much lower in Turkey, contributing to the overall affordability of plastic surgery procedures. The use of modern technology and equipment in Turkish clinics is made possible by their ability to acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment at more affordable prices compared to other countries.

It is essential to emphasize that while plastic surgery procedures in Turkey may be cost-effective, this does not compromise the quality of treatment. Patients seeking plastic surgery in Turkey can rest assured that they will be under the care of highly qualified and experienced surgeons who use cutting-edge medical technology and equipment. The lower cost of treatment in Turkey simply makes it a more accessible option for those seeking cosmetic procedures.

Popular Surgeries in Turkey

Turkey’s reputation as a global pioneer in the field of plastic surgery is well established, providing a wide range of procedures to cater to the unique needs of each patient. One of the most sought-after treatments in Turkey is Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job.” Turkish plastic surgeons have a reputation for producing natural-looking results that enhance their patients’ facial features.

Breast augmentation is another popular plastic surgery procedure in Turkey, attracting patients from all over the world. This treatment is sought after because of the high level of expertise of Turkish plastic surgeons in this area. Patients seeking to enhance their body shape by removing unwanted fat deposits can opt for liposuction, another popular procedure that is performed with exceptional skill in Turkey.

Facelifts are also commonly performed by Turkish plastic surgeons, with many patients traveling to the country for this treatment. The skilled surgeons in Turkey have a wealth of experience in providing their patients with natural-looking results that help reduce the signs of aging. Hair transplant is another treatment that is in high demand in Turkey, as it is a reliable solution for hair loss, with skilled surgeons in Turkey who have years of experience performing hair transplant procedures.

Important Considerations for Choosing a Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey

The key factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgery clinic in Turkey are:

  • Reputation: Research the clinic’s reputation by reading reviews from past patients and checking for accreditations or certifications.
  • Surgeon’s Experience: Look for a surgeon certified by international medical organizations such as ISAPS or EAFPS, and ask about their experience performing the specific procedure you’re interested in.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Ensure that the clinic has modern facilities and equipment and follows strict hygiene protocols to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Communication: Confirm that the clinic and surgeon are willing to answer all your questions and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.
  • Aftercare: Verify that the clinic provides comprehensive aftercare instructions and is available to assist you in case of any complications.

Average Stay and Recovery Times

The duration of a patient’s stay in Turkey after plastic surgery generally ranges from 7 to 10 days, but may vary depending on the specific procedure, with the possibility of extending up to 20 days. Patients can resume their social lives when they return home, while continuing to receive indirect treatment that should not interfere with their work or social activities.

The big cities such as Antalya, İstanbul, Ankara or İzmir are an appealing destinations for patients due to the quality of hotels, wide range of services available, and diverse food culture. Additionally, the cities offer 24-hour transportation options and plentiful food and beverage options, all in a safe environment that contributes to a positive experience for visitors.

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