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Mommy Makeover

The birth of a baby changes everyone’s life. Being a mother is described as one of the most beautiful pleasures and experiences in the world. As a mother, you want to give your child the best life, and the best conditions, and sometimes you can put yourself in second place when you want to give the best. The mother’s body changes before and during pregnancy but sometimes some changes due to pregnancy and childbirth can be permanent. If you want to shape your body and achieve the look you dreamed of at the same time, mommy makeover can help you. While it is suitable for women of all ages, it allows you to have a slimmer tighter and more aesthetic body contour.

What is Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover, known as maternity aesthetics, is an operation that is usually performed in a single session and as a single surgery, by combining several plastic surgery operations for the individual to remove the unwanted changes that occur after pregnancy in the mother and to gain an aesthetic body appearance. Generally, the Mommy makeover operation procedure includes liposuction with fat removal product in the abdomen and belly area due to the change after abdominal enlargement and weight gain during pregnancy, tummy tuck operation to remove the sagging abdominal wall and excess skin, breast tissue that grows and then shrinks due to breastfeeding and milk production includes breast enlargement operation with breast implants and breast lift operations to aesthetically change the drooping and shrinking breast appearance, and finally labiaplasty to the labia minora, which is called the enlarged vaginal inner lips due to birth.
During pregnancy, the body starts to gain weight and store fat. While this is evolutionarily necessary, it can be very difficult for a woman who cares about a newborn after birth to try to dissolve stubborn fat tissue that does not melt around the abdomen and belly.
In addition to the fat stored in the abdomen and belly, a saggy belly appears with the weakened abdominal wall muscles and abdominal skin along with the growing abdomen during pregnancy. No matter how much sports are done, this saggy skin often cannot return to its former state and cannot be tightened. Women lose weight soon after giving birth, and after this period of weight loss is over, the final appearance of the body usually remains stable. The saggy abdomen appearance after pregnancy is formed due to the uterus expanding as the baby grows and after pregnancy, this saggy belly accumulated stubborn fat tissue and weakened abdominal wall, can often only regain its former form with the help of aesthetic operations such as liposuction and tummy tuck.
Another body part that changes with pregnancy and newborn care is the breasts. Skin elasticity during pregnancy is different for everyone. Breasts grow hormonally during pregnancy and enlarge during the breastfeeding period, increased elasticity and skin loosening with the decrease of milk-producing tissue inside after breastfeeding, and saggy breast appearance due to the formation of excess skin due to breasts growth.  Breast and breast tissue, which grows continuously during pregnancy and breastfeeding, lose breast volume and shrinks after breastfeeding. During this shrinkage, the enlarged breast skin remains stable, so even though the amount of milk-producing breast tissue and fat decreases, the breast skin appears saggy. Breast lifting operations to lift saggy breasts and breast enlargement operations with breast implants to enlarge shrinking breasts can be solutions for mothers at this point to remove such breast sagging, regain the pre-pregnancy appearance or be in a better condition than before.
Although aesthetic operations such as liposuction, tummy tuck, breast implants, and breast lift, are performed to provide a tight appearance by removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen and surrounding areas, and to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the breast, which changes constantly during pregnancy and breastfeeding, affect the external appearance to a large extent. One of the most aesthetic organs is the vagina and vaginal opening in the genital area. The vagina is a flexible organ, it usually takes its old form after birth, but after birth, the inner lips of the vagina, which are called vaginal lips, can expand and color changes can be observed. Labiaplasty is a genital aesthetic medical-surgical operation performed in an anatomical structure called the vaginal inner lips, by removing excess skin from the labia, reducing its size, making it symmetrical, and for all other discomforts. The labia minora can be large or saggy for various reasons, among which are pregnancy and the person’s natural tissue structure. With labiaplasty, the excess tissue on the enlarged and sagging inner lips is removed by the surgeon.
All these operations can be performed to reconstruct the mother’s body, which has changed during and after pregnancy and to provide the aesthetic appearance desired by the mother. The Mommy Makeover procedure is designed individually, and each operation is performed by expert plastic surgeons by expert and experienced surgeons. Each operation can be performed separately, but most of the time it is done in combination under anesthesia. Mommy makeover should be done in sterile and licensed medical centers, by expert teams and surgeons authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Who are good candidates for Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover operation is a combination of surgical operations to remove the permanent effects after pregnancy. For this reason, you must first be in good medical health. You should be in a good enough condition to receive anesthesia, be healthy enough to survive the post-operative recovery period, and you should not have a health problem that could prevent the mommy makeover operation. You should be at or close to your ideal body weight. A Mommy makeover operation is not an operation for weight loss, it is an operation that allows mothers to be completely renewed after birth. Your mental health should be good, you should be realistic about your body image and your post-operative expectations should be realistic. One of the most important points is that you should have left childbreading. Structures such as abdominal wall muscles, fat tissues, breast and breast tissue, and labia minora, which are reconstructed in the operation, should heal for a while. Being pregnant again will negatively affect the results of the operations performed on these areas and will also strain your body. You must not smoke and you must not drink alcohol. Smoking reduces the amount of blood carried to the tissues, so the healing process slows down, and the risk of infection increases.

What should be done before Mommy Makeover surgery?

First of all, patients must be healthy and have no obstacles to the operation. She must have had a child for the last time, not planning a pregnancy. He should be at or close to his ideal weight. Mommy makeover operation is not a weight loss and slimming operation, it corrects the body contour and makes it aesthetic. Mothers must have stopped breastfeeding for at least 1 year, otherwise, breast operations cannot be performed. You should definitely quit smoking and not use it for at least 4 weeks because smoking delays post-operative recovery and increases the risks.
All kinds of diseases should be investigated before the operation and the doctor should be consulted about the results after the operation. After all the necessary analyzes and medical evaluations, if you are suitable for the operation, an operation can be planned.
Before the operation, since the post-operative recovery process will take some time, there should be someone to accompany and help you after the operation, and you should arrange this.

What is the recovery process like after Mommy Makeover surgery?

Mommy makeover operations are carried out in accordance with the determined plan. After the operation, the patient is taken to the restroom. Controls are made after the effect of anesthesia wears off. It is required to stay in the hospital for at least 2 nights. Since it is a combined and complex operation, the post-operative rest period is the most important part.
You should take the antibiotics and painkillers recommended by the doctor without interruption, so you will experience a painless process. After leaving the hospital, check-ups should be done every 2 days.
To have a good post-operative period, you should walk and move constantly when you can stand up. In this way, the flow of accumulated fluids in the body will be ensured, edema will be reduced and recovery will be accelerated. To reduce edema, you should reduce the use of salt and sugar. You should not lift any heavy weights for about 2 months.
There will be dressing in the operation area for up to 3 weeks. These dressings reduce the risk of infection.
You should always wear the corset recommended by your doctor. These corsets, which support body shaping, especially after tummy tuck and liposuction, provide blood and fluid flow in the operation area. You should wear the corset and the special corset bra for the breasts continuously for about 6 -8 weeks.
You should drink plenty of water, not stress, not lift heavy weights, eat healthily and most importantly, take care of your body.

When are the results seen after Mommy Makeover surgery?

Mommy makeover is a surgical operation whose dramatic effects can be seen immediately. The results of the operation are permanent. Depending on how you manage the post-operative process, the duration of seeing the results will vary, but you can return to your daily life in about 3 months, during this time edema, swelling and redness will decrease. Scars are permanent and can be seen, but incision points are specially adjusted to make these scars look natural. For permanent and final results, approximately 6 months to 1 year is required.

Mommy Makeover in Turkey

Turkey is a touristic country. It provides a part of its economy from tourism, and the biggest reason for this is the possibility and reliability of touristic and comfortable experiences all over the country. Turkey is ahead of its competitors in the world, especially in the health tourism sector, in this country with a developed health system, you can both have the look of your dreams in experienced hands and have a pleasant trip with your family. Mommy Makeover in Turkey is the address you are looking for with its economical prices and perfect service.

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