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Breast Reduction

For most women, having big tits is a nightmare. In addition to the large size of the breast, it can also cause physical, social, and mental problems. Back, shoulder, and neck pains caused by large breasts, which are constantly disturbing, can even disrupt your daily life and can lead to permanent posture disorders. In social life, some too many women have lost their self-confidence because they have large boobs. Disliking your body due to loss of self-confidence, feeling under constant stress, and feeling undesirable can also lead to various mental problems. Big boobs affect a person’s choice of wardrobe and also restrict them from doing too many activities, for example running. One of the reasons that large breasts create and are not talked about is skin irritation. Skin irritation can occur for many reasons. For example, continuous contact between the skin on the underside of the breasts and the boobs can create skin pressure and friction. Such irritations may also occur due to the bra used. Such irritations and sores are easily treated. In addition to all these reasons, the person may want to have a boob reduction operation for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, despite not having excessively large breasts. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your breasts, boob reduction surgery may be suitable for you.

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction operation is performed to reduce the size of the breast. During the operation, the breast is reduced by taking both the skin and tissue of the breast. Although it is similar to the breast lift operation among aesthetic boob operations, it has the purpose of breast reduction because the tissue is reduced. While the breast size is reduced, the shape of the boobs changes at the same time. Along with the reduction of breast size, it is aimed to relieve various discomfort and back pain caused by excessively large breasts. Large breasts are often a stress factor for the person. Physically, most movement restrictions take an important place in a person’s life, with medical reasons such as bending forward and hunching over time due to the size of the boobs, back pain, and self-confidence problems that may occur in social life. For patients with excessively large breasts (macromastia), emotional stress, as well as physical problems, is a serious condition that can have an impact on mental health as well as loss of self-confidence. Boob reduction surgery can be performed not only for patients with macromastia but also for people who are not satisfied with their breast appearance. Not only for medical reasons but also for anyone with cosmetic or aesthetic reasons and whose health is suitable for the operation can have a boob reduction operation. After the operation, the breasts will appear raised and firmer. This will provide a more youthful appearance. Thanks to the smaller nozzle, it will be more comfortable. With a more proportional and balanced look, you will be able to dress and move more comfortably. The only difference between a boob reduction operation and a breast lift operation is that the fat and breast tissue in the breast are also cut and removed. For this reason, at the end of the operation, you will gain a lifted appearance. You do not need to have a breast lift operation after boob reduction.

How is breast reduction surgery done?

Breast reduction operation is performed under general anesthesia without feeling any pain. The type of incision that will be opened in the operation is selected as needed by the person. These incisions can be incisions in a circular pattern around the areola, which is the dark ring around the nipple, but this is not preferred because visible surgical scars may occur. The incision opens from the border of the areola and may have the appearance of a keyhole. T-shaped, that is, the lower areola can be lifted. Incisions can be made in many ways, and your surgeon will determine the best incision according to your breast structure. After the incision is made, the nipple and surrounding areola are repositioned as a whole. In this step, the size of the enlarged areola can be reduced if the patient wants. During repositioning, excess tissue and breast skin are cut and removed. Sometimes, the nipple and areola are positioned at a better point anatomically and aesthetically in the upper parts of the breast, as it is saggy in oversized breasts. After removing the unwanted excess skin and tissue from the breast and positioning the nipple and areola at a better point, the incisions are closed to make the breast smaller and lifted. Incisions are closed with sutures, skin adhesives, and tapes suitable for surgical use. Opened incisions are permanent, they can gain a more natural appearance over time. To provide a more natural appearance during the operation, the incisions that are opened in mostly invisible areas are closed with plastic surgery products. After the boob reduction operation, the effect of anesthesia wears off. You will be transferred to the recovery room, where your post-operative condition will be kept under control. You will receive antibiotics and pain relievers during this time. As soon as you feel well, you will be discharged and sent home for rest and recovery.

Is breast reduction done without surgery?

It is said that there are many methods for those who want to reduce their breasts without an incision, but they do not provide full reduction. The boobs can be described as a sac-like structure consisting of breast tissue and fat built on the muscle of the rib cage. Since there is no muscle tissue carrying the breast, the breast becomes saggy over time due to multiple reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, or aging. For this reason, no matter how much the sports strengthen the muscles, they cannot provide a firmer appearance. Fat burning or liposuctions, on the other hand, provide a temporary reduction in a small amount of fat tissue, but over time, as the fat cells remain stable, they return to their original state. There are some drugs and creams sold in the market that guarantee breast reduction, but there may be products that have not received various permissions and whose results have not been proven. Such products can affect your health as well as not provide a solution to the boob size problem. No matter how much the fat in the breast tissue decreases in people who have large breast problems, the appearance of large breasts will not change due to the enlarged breast skin, moreover, it will take a saggy appearance.

What to do before breast reduction surgery?

People who want to have a breast reduction operation should first be examined to find out whether they are suitable for the operation after deciding with their surgeon. In this examination, you provide information about your health history and the medications you use and create a plan with your doctor about the appearance you dream of and the operation process. If you smoke, you should quit at least 3 weeks before the operation. Smoking negatively affects your healing process. Your medical condition is evaluated by having various tests recommended by your doctor. If you are taking medications, you may need to stop or start new ones with the advice of your doctor. Since you are going to have a boob operation, mammography is required before and after the operation, so we can understand the changes in the breast tissue. You may experience restriction of movement for a while after the operation, for this reason, you should plan what you will do on the day of the operation and in the first day or two following it.

Recovery process after breast reduction surgery?

The post-breast reduction surgery process is different for everyone. Although the process has individual differences, can be mentioned a timeline in general. It usually takes approximately 2 to 6 weeks for a full recovery. You will regain your strength about 7 days after the operation. You can usually return to work at the end of the first week. In the first week, you should avoid movements that will force the operation area as much as possible. Due to this limitation of movement, you will need help with activities such as housework, childcare, and shopping after the operation. Car use is not recommended as you have to wear a seatbelt. Since the use of the car will be limited, a companion or helper is required to carry out the work that needs to be done in this healing process.
Breast reduction operations take a few hours under general anesthesia. Afterward, you will be taken to the recovery room, and in this process, your post-operative health will be checked and stabilized. When you feel well enough, you will be discharged on the same day as the operation. You may need help and a companion for a while during the pre-operation process. You may need help and a companion for a while before the operation. On the first day, you just have to rest. In the first days you will spend at home, the rest phase will facilitate your recovery process. After the breast reduction operation, you should wear the supportive corset bra recommended by your surgeon. It is recommended not to take a shower for the first 2 days. You should spend the first week completely resting. At the end of the first week, both the pain and swelling in the area of the operation incision will decrease, so you can move more comfortably and even return to your work. During this period, you should drink a lot of water and eat well. You should not miss the medicines, antibiotics, and painkillers given by your doctor.
One of the important points in care of the incisions. You should not disrupt the post-operative dressings, keep them clean and force them. You can support your healing process by using the gels and medications recommended by your doctor. You should not lift heavy, you should take a break from the sport for a while, but the movement is an important factor in the recovery process, so you can take gentle walks for 10-30 minutes daily. Walking and slow movements will increase blood flow and will be good for your healing process. In the first month, you can use a daily bra instead of a supportive bra. As your breasts shrink, you will feel the reduction in neck and back pain that you used to feel. At the end of the first month, you will be freer to move as the edema will have decreased and the incision will have started to heal. You can return to your old daily life gradually.

Will there be any scars after breast reduction surgery?

Yes, a Breast reduction operation is an operation that aims to make the breast look smaller and raised by removing unwanted excess tissue, fat, and skin from the breast. It is not possible to achieve reduction without opening the incision, so it is inevitable to have a scar. These incisions are opened by surgeons in the least visible way after they have healed. If you follow the instructions recommended by your doctor after the operation and try to spend the post-operative process in the best way, the scars will be minimal. Moreover, there are various solutions for scarring and making them invisible.

Do breasts get smaller naturally?

The breast contains adipose tissue, breast tissue, and skin. If you have a large breast, even if you lose weight, it is very difficult to melt the fat in the breast area. Even if the fat in the boobs melts a little, it is not possible to change the saggy and large boob appearance due to the enlarged breast skin.

When will the results be seen after breast reduction surgery?

The healing process may differ for each person. Generally, the first results in women begin to appear 6 weeks after the operation. In the post-operative recovery period, this first result may appear even earlier, depending on the supportive treatments and the attention you show to the surgical area. You can see the final results in about 2 to 3 months after breast reduction.

Breast Reduction in Turkey

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