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A monsplasty is a surgical procedure that removes extra skin and fatty tissue from your mons pubis. Your mons pubis is the mound of tissue in front of your pubic bones, usually covered in pubic hair. A monsplasty is a cosmetic procedure. It lifts, tightens and reshapes the structure of your mons pubis to change its appearance. It may also improve function and comfort.

Another name for a monsplasty is a pubic lift.

Reasons patients want a monsplasty

Some women struggle with a bulge of excess skin and fat in the mons, the upper part of the hair-bearing part of their vulva. The bulge can result in women feeling too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or tight pants.

What does a monsplasty do?

The purpose of a monsplasty is to reduce the amount of fatty tissue and/or skin, depending on the cause of the bulge.

Anesthesia for a monsplasty

Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, local anesthesia with oral sedation may be used for some procedures, but general anesthesia may be preferable in others.

Monsplasty procedure

Sometimes the amount of skin removed can be extensive, while in others, liposuction is sufficient.

What are the risks of a monsplasty?

Risks of monsplasty include bleeding, hematoma, infection and scarring.

Recovering from a monsplasty

Recovery takes about a week, with physical activity restrictions for two to six weeks, depending on the extensiveness of the procedure. If skin is removed, a drain or two may be placed, with removal typically scheduled within the first few days.

What are the results of a monsplasty?

This procedure results in a lower profile mons that typically projects less in clothing. In some patients with a mons that hangs, removal of excess skin can result in less hanging.

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